Windows Server 2008 R2 management Cluster I

The syntax of this command is:

CLUSTER /LIST[:domain-name]

CLUSTER [[/CLUSTER:]cluster-name] <options>

<options> =

/CREATE [/NODE[S]:”node-name[ node-name …]”] /IPADDR[ESS]:<ip address-list>

/ADD[NODE] [/NODE[S]:”node-name[ node-name …]”]

/DESTROY [/Y] [/Cleanup[ActiveDirectory]]


/PROP[ERTIES] [<prop-list>]

/PRIV[PROPERTIES] [<prop-list>]

/PROP[ERTIES][:propname[,propname …] /USEDEFAULT]

/PRIV[PROPERTIES][:propname[,propname …] /USEDEFAULT]





/QUORUM:disk-witness-resource-name [/PATH:path]

/QUORUM:disk-resource-name [/PATH:path] /DISK[ONLY]

/SETFAIL[UREACTIONS][:node-name[,node-name …]]


/[LIST]SHARE[S][:<network name>]

/REG[ADMIN]EXT:admin-extension-dll[,admin-extension-dll …]

/UNREG[ADMIN]EXT:admin-extension-dll[,admin-extension-dll …]


NODE [node-name] node-command

GROUP [group-name] group-command

RES[OURCE] [resource-name] resource-command

{RESOURCETYPE|RESTYPE} [resourcetype-name] resourcetype-command

NET[WORK] [network-name] network-command

NETINT[ERFACE] [interface-name] interface-command

LOG [node-name] log-command


The /QUORUM option with switch /DISK[ONLY] is not recommended because the

disk is a single point of failure.

<ip address-list> =

IPv4 Address/Subnet Mask:

IPv4 Address/Prefix Length: Where /24 =

IPv6 Address/Prefix Length: xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx/nnn

<prop-list> =

name=value[,value …][:<format>] [name=value[,value …][:<format>] …]

<format> =


<SECURITY value> =

<trustee>,<access mode>[,<access right>]:SECURITY

<trustee> =


<access mode> =


GRANT – adds <access right> to trustee’s existing access rights

DENY – denies <access right> for trustee

SET – overwrites trustee’s existing access rights with <access right>

REVOKE – removes trustee from security descriptor

<access right> =


F – full

R – read only

C – change


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